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True Blood

Posted in TV + Movie by Katharine on January 23, 2011

Years ago, before I moved out of New York, I remember the whole buzz about vampire just got started. I remember everyone was talking about True Blood. and I was like…. “what’s the big deal about it?” I tried watching an episode or two, but wasn’t too into it. Well…it’s the same old story… Human girl get attracted to an vampire who shows some humanity in him. He risks everything for her blablabla….

So I put it behind my mind for quite awhile, thinking I’d never be interested in this TV series with all actors speaking with the southern accent.

Somehow, I got bored few days ago and started watching it…. I think the pilot really sold it. Cause after watching that episode, I was so addicted…. damn it. The portrayal of Bill Compton is amazing, it is magnetic. I mean I’d die for that “look” from a guy.

It took me 6 days to finish watching all 3 seasons.
It felt sooooooo great. But damn, now I gotta wait till June for the 4th season.

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world cup

Posted in TV + Movie by Katharine on July 12, 2010

I’m not a soccer fan, but I thought, well i might watch part of this final match (Netherlands vs Spain) just for the sake of it. thought it would be fun to witness the winning goal. I tried to get up at the beginning of the game, but somehow I fell back asleep. The moment I woke up again, it was at around 110th minutes. Which was fine, cause none of the team scored a goal … yet. I was rooting for Netherlands. Simply because I visited that country twice and absolutely love everything about it (maybe except the food, and their orange uniform).

and as everyone knows by now, Spain won the world cup 😦

but anyway, I just wanted to write that these 40mins , was the longest time I’ve ever spent watching a soccer game. Too bad my dear Netherlands lost, but I think they did good. They did good…..

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The Taking of Pelham 123

Posted in TV + Movie by Katharine on December 9, 2009

Since I saw the intense trailer of this movie awhile back, I’ve been wanting to see this movie so much. Finally, I got to watch it yesterday. I never knew it was a re-make of a movie from the 70s. So I wasn’t comparing it with anything with I was watching.

At first I thought it might get bored half way through, cause the camera is going to show only the tunnel and the call center anway. However, the dialogue and everything were great that it wasn’t boring at all. I have to say, the idea was nice, hijacking a subway train in the heart of New York City. I kept thinking how could this end? What was their plan to get out of the tunnel without getting caught?

I like that little surprises when the story/background of the characters slowly revealed through conversation. There were also a lot of conversation that makes you think about the way you’re living right now. Great performances by the lead actors.

I think one of the reason I ended up loving this movie is because New York is still my beloved city, once the place I called home. It captured the spirit of the big apple, and the way people live their life over there really well. Every moment of this movie, reminds me the moment I spent on the D train. The blurry window with scratches all over that you barely sees the scenery outside, the yellowy lightings, the ads inside the train, the uncomfortable seats, and the opening and closing of the doors in between the cars. Looking over the water when the train was running over the bridge… Everything that was once so close to me is now a memory so far away.

Of course there were a few things that was a bit off in the movie, such as how the hell can all other trains still be running when the whole city knew about the “terrorist attack”? Also there was a bit too much F words. But afterall, I still love this movie dearly.

“You’re my fucking hero.”


Posted in TV + Movie by Katharine on December 5, 2009

Maybe this can tell you what kind of person I am….
here are the list of TV shows I do watch (including those I watch regularly, or those I watch occasionally)
in bold are those I’m addicted to currently, or those I’m most looking forward to

30 Rock
America’s Next top Model
Bored to Death
Breaking Bad
Brothers & Sisters
Burn Notice : LOVE IT.
Dead like me
Desperate Housewives
Dexter : America’s favorite serial killer, and mine too.
Ghost Whisperer : Get me all teary, almost every time.
Gossip Girl
Grey’s Anatomy
Harper’s Island
Hotel Babylon
House M.D. : definitely a genius jerk that you just can’t hate him.
Las Vegas
Lost Room, The
Meerkat Manor
Mentalist, The
Office, The
Prison Break
Private Practice
Project Runway
Pushing Daisies
Royal Pains
Sex and the City
Simpsons, The
So You Think You Can Dance
South Park
SupernaturalI’m really surprised with the writing. Great show.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
That 70’s Show
Top Gear They just make autos much more interesting.
Ugly Betty
Without a Trace
White Collar Neal..Neal….Neal……… enough said.
X File, The

Andy Warhol

Posted in TV + Movie by Katharine on April 15, 2009

Andy Warhol,
the high priest of pop.

I remember when I walked by Bergdorf and Goodman’s few years ago, I saw this celebrated name inside the display window. Didn’t know much about him, but all those fashion illustration were so interesting. I was amazed by the creativity, a lot of beautiful idea. I remember I wrote down the name so that I could do some research on him later on. Then I realized he’s also the painted of the Campbell’s soup, the Marilyn Monroe, the Elvis Presley…

I never really read about the idea behind all those artwork, but it still caught my attention and made me feel something very special. To me this is what makes it so special about his work.

Recently a documentary about his life was on TV. Four and a half hours separated into two parts. His life was very fascinating and dramatic. The documentary did a great job in letting you know what happened in his childhood could became the influenced to his artwork later on in his life. Then the way he looked at the world. His personality changed to very emotionless in front of the public…… The way that people around him loved and hated him. People were inspired by him, and got to be around him. Then things turned bad. People doing drugs, dreams were gone, people died, and he did nothing to try to help those people.

He’s just a very unique person, did good and bad things. One thing he said was very interesting though. He said he thought death was the most embarrassing thing. “You lived your entire life making money to support yourself, but when you died you left everything to someone else to take care of you. Arrange your funeral, take care of your body, pick the clothes for you, do the make up on you. You wished you could be there to help, but you’re dead!”

Vicky Christina Barcelona

Posted in TV + Movie by Katharine on March 28, 2009

Watched the movie “Vicky Christina Barcelona”, I just have to say it is totally my type of movie. It’s not one of those huge epic, it’s just a delightful little movie. Think about it’s the best salad you’ve ever had in your life. It’s refreshing, has a very artistic feel with great music that compromise the story beautifully.

Of course I love the way they take you around Barcelona and Oviedo. It’s almost like watching an artistic travel program. Beautiful Spanish landscape, you can feel the culture and the great sprit of the country. It changed what I had in my mind about Spain.

The character development is great and very interesting. You go through a different journey with each character, and you learn a bit of something from everyone. They all have a very different and strong personality, but with an amazing chemistry and harmony between all of them. Some of them maybe be too crazy, but then on the other hand it perfectly make sense to me.

Some people might be a bit disappointed by the ending. I was expecting something different at first, but then when it comes, I totally loved the way it is. It’s so real. It’s not a movie that after blablablabla, the prince and princess live happily ever after. It’s a realistic approach to tell a story that happened in this specific period in their lives, and life still goes on after that. This movie did it so well that I don’t have the feeling of the story is incomplete. I’ll definitely watch it again, and it might just become one of my favorite.

96 mins, and I enjoy every second of it.

Movies and shows on Hong Kong’s TV

Posted in TV + Movie by Katharine on March 27, 2009

I really just don’t understand those who’re in charge on what movie and when to play on the TV channel in Hong Kong. There are so many things I dislike:

1. Most of the movie selection is not that recent… not to mention they aren’t that great.

2. They keep replaying some really old movies, over and over again. They are playing Mission Impossible (the first one) this Saturday night at the prime time… come on, are we still in the 90s? By the way a few weeks ago, they played Jumanji again… on the a weekend evening…I wouldn’t be surprise if they play Home Alone next week.

3. yea… why on earth you put a movie you already replayed so many times on that schedule? I believe there are much more new and interesting movies that deserves the slot.

4. Stupid “Dirty Sexy Money” is on Thursday night at 10:30pm, a decent good schedule. While the award winning show “Heroes” is at midnight. Does this make any sense?

5. Since I came back to Hong Kong, not yet 6 months. they have been replaying Hayao Miyazaki’s old animation. It’s great and respectful to the master. But playing some of them twice already? You’ve got to be kidding me…

6. There is this new Japanese dance movie coming out, called “Dance, Subaru”. At first, I’m just not too interested in this movie, as it reads to me as another “Save the last dance”, or “step up”, but less interesting. I mean the plot looks very plain and overdone…. Anyway, but then they keep playing the commercial for it so many times in a day. I get to so annoyed by this movie. It’s like a long boring trailer on TV twice in every commercial break… well, their marketing team definitely did a good job in turning me off.

7. ok. there aren’t many good quality shows on TV here… and they just canceled the the shows “60 minutes” and “david letterman”…

Anyway, if someone is getting paid to decide what to play and when to play, please do you job. Make a beter selection, do a better scheduling job.

The Reader, The German… and The Chinese

Posted in TV + Movie, Uncategorized by Katharine on March 26, 2009

So I watched The Reader today. It was a good movie, I wish I haven’t read anything about it before. Anyway, I’m not writing about what happened in the movie, but it makes me think about the Nazi. Something puzzled me a little.

Everyone knows what the Nazi did during the WW2. Tons of people got persecuted, sent to the camps, literally the hell on earth. Then the war ended, Nazi lost their power, (supposedly) Hitler committed suicide. Camps closed. Then the country traced those prominent members of the Nazi group, and a series of trials were held.

Nowadays no one on earth shows any positive attitude towards the Nazi, at least I’ve never met one. This is exactly the part that puzzled me. It was such an influential power during the war, it got to be supported by the majority of their people. Once the war ended, where did those “majority population” go? They onces supported the Nazi, once the country lost the war, the people just turn their back to the Nazi. Not that I like the Nazi, but it simply doesn’t make any sense to me.

Some of the Nazi member came on to their job to perform (terrible thing) for the political group that the entire country was in favor. In another words, is it fair to say that they were prosecuting the other ethnic group for their country? So they did what the law, the country told the was right to do. Then why once the war ended, the country accused them for what they have done? Keep in mind, the country supported their action before.

Compare to China. In my opinion the Chinese government (then or now), have done some very questionable things. The Chinese knows about it, but the government still get support from most of their people nowadays. Maybe this is irrelevant, but after the Cultural Revolution, Mao is still loved by most of the Chinese. His face is still on the bank notes. So what happened in Germany?

Just sit back and think or a second. If 5 years later, there is a major revolution in China, and they say what they did to the Tibetan was so wrong. Would they persecute those who are in charge today? What could happen?

By the way, Kate Winslet was great, although I wasn’t really convinced that she was German in the movie. In a way, it reminds me having 3 Chinese women to be the Geishas. Not that they don’t look like Japanese or German, just that their attitude isn’t convincing. But I still love Kate Winslet.

Loving Katee Shean -SYTYCD Season 4

Posted in TV + Movie by Katharine on March 22, 2009

Never thought that I’d love the TV show “SO you think you can dance.” Season 3 is on air these days on Saturdays nights in Hong Kong. At first I was just kind of curious what it’s all about, and eventually I get to really like this show.

You really can see people putting lots of effort and hard work, to show all those beautiful movement and sometimes with a nice story behind.

So I started to youtube some of the season 4, and found this routine by Katee and Joshua to the music “No Air”. It was so beautiful and I kept watching over and over, and I almost cry for it. There was something magical there and I started searching for other pieces they did together. Watching them dancing to Celine Dion’s “All by myself” and John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing in Burning Room.”, it was just breath taking seeing them dancing together and the story unfold. Their movement was just so powerful and passionate. It’s so real as if they strip down everything and just show you their real and raw emotion. It is totally unforgettable.

The most amazing thing is that it moved people like me who knows nothing about dancing and choreography. I have to admit, there is really a universal language in there. I wish to see more great work coming from Katee.