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Maximilian Hecker

Posted in Music by Katharine on May 28, 2011

love his music.

One day, I went on to the Hong Kong Time Out website to see what’s happening around town. Then when I go through some past music events, I came across this article about a German musician. The author wrote that his music is fragile and heartbroken. This totally got my attention. So I went onto his myspace and started playing the music in the player. “Summer days in bloom” the piano and the guitar sound sounds very relaxing and refreshing to me. Then it comes his airy voice. Even with all the drums, violin, piano and guita, the song is still very calming to me.

You know how sometimes, when you’re listening to a song, you just really wish that it could hit a different note? But this song is just hitting all the right notes for me. When I was thinking: “ah, how nice if the up coming part would turn that way”, and it did!. I started listening to all of his other songs. His music is very personal. Lots of his songs are soft, sad, yet calming and very elegant. It’s like watching a tragic romance slowly unfolds in front of you. Heartbreaking, yet beautiful, it was absolutely addictive. Some people might thinks the lyrics is too whiney thought.

Read a lot of his interview and get to understand a little bit of his view of the world. The more I read, the more I love about his work. As you started to know the story behind the lyrics, it just all make sense. I think it’s a privilege to get this close to someone’s personal story and emotions.

Of course, I get SO MAD that I found about about Maximilian a month too late. He had a small concert in Hong Kong a month ago…… darn. Anyway, I’m pretty sure he’ll be back one day. Or I’ll definitely go to Germany to see him in concert, or better yet, busking on the street of Berlin.

My favorites from Maximilian Hecker:

  • Summer Days in Bloom
  • Miss Underwater
  • White
  • Dying
  • No More Lies to Reach You
  • Maybe one day I’ll create a collection inspired by his world.


    Maximilian Hecker

    Posted in Music by Katharine on January 10, 2011

    I was browsing through the website of Timeout Magazine (Hong Kong), and came across a short article about a German musician, Maximilian Hecker. His music was described as “airy pop” and “heartbroken fragile love songs”. Curious, and so I went to his myspace page and played a few songs.

    I absolutely love his style. His tune does make your heart sinks. Beautiful melody… one after another. Some of his music actually reminds me of Iron and Wine.

    Right now, I’m obsessed with the following tracks:
    -Summer Days in Bloom
    -Miss Underwater

    So beautiful that it hurts.

    What he wrote on his website touches my heart.
    “My songs are full of love, my life is not. But it will be – some day.”

    It’s the spirit of after going through so much darkness, you still believe in the bliss from brightness.

    John Legend

    Posted in Music by Katharine on March 30, 2009

    After my period with the Japanese rock music, I never get to really like any male musicians/singers. I am always attracted to female musicians, and caught by that soft and feminine voices. I am faithful to Sarah Brightman and Bjork, both to me are some of the most gifted musicians. The heavenly voice of Sarah sounds like an angel singing. Her voice just touches me no matter what she is singing, even if it’s not in the genre I like. For Bjork, she has a very original way of performing music as art. Her voice is very pure, powerful and true. It forces you to feel what she’s singing. I’m also simply amazed by the world of music she created.

    However recently I found myself really love John Legend, a male musician for the first time. Soulful and beautiful, it’s very relaxing to hear him sings. One night at 1am, I was about to sleep, but I went on to the TV’s program schedule online, and found that they were playing John Legend’s concert. So I went to the living room and turned the TV on. All lights were off, with only lights coming out from the TV screen, and his music was the only thing I hear. Soul mix with R&B, and maybe a bit jazz. It was an wonderful way to end the night with his music.

    By the way, I hate it when people ask me what kind of music do I listen. Simply because I don’t only listen to one specific music. There are some songs that I really love, but doesn’t mean I love that genre…So to list what I listen, it probably take awhile, you music as well just google a list of what music genre is out there.