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My version of fried rice

Posted in Food by Katharine on July 12, 2012

My fried rice isn’t the traditional type you’d find in a chinese restaurant, it is just something I put together very quick with lots of flavor. It only takes me 15 mins to make this if you don’t count the time to cook the rice. Perfect when I’m home alone and don’t have much in the fridge.

The basic ingredient includes: 1 cup of rice, some meat, 1 egg, 2 leafs of lettuce, 2 tbsp sweet soy sauce. You can build up your own fried rice from here.

and here’s what I actually cooked with today:

3/4 cup of rice (cooked)
9 shrimps
1 egg
2 leafs of lettuce

2 tbsp of sweet soy sauce
1 tsp of homemade Sichuan hot sauce
garlic powder
dry rosemary
sesame oil

1. Cook the rice.
I use 3/4 cup of rice only, as I’m not a big eater. So if you are using 1 full cup, prepare a little more sweet soy sauce for frying the rice. Also there’s no need to use leftover rice or put it in the fridge for a few hours. As long as your rice is not too soggy, it’s all fine. Don’t ask me how to cook the rice, I only use a rice cooker.

2. Prepare the meat
chop your meat into small strips, then it’s up to you to marinate it or not. Any marination is ok, basically I just throw whatever I found in my kitchen. Today I dumped in sesame oil, a bit of garlic powder and some dry rosemary on my shrimp. Otherwise, my mother usually season the meat with salty soy sauce, sugar, pepper and a dash of rice wine. Seriously, any sauce you like would work just fine. this is just to give the meat a bit more flavor.

3. Cook the meat
After the rice is cooked, start cooking the meat. I used butter to fry the marinated shrimps. After it’s just cooked, set the meat aside.

4. Egg
Depends on what’s left inside the pan, sometimes I’d wipe the excess oil off the pan first, but this time I didn’t since it’s some juicy butter…. So, beat 1 egg with a dash of milk and salt and pour it into the pan. Then it’s like making scramble egg. When the egg is starting to set, give it a stir and then put the cooked rice in. Then fry and mix everything well. Make sure there are no runny eggs insight, and the rice should get a bit drier by now. Medium heat would be fine for this step, try not to burn the egg or rice at this stage.

5. Soy sauce goes in.
I mixed 1 tsp of homemade sichuan hot sauce into the 2tbsp store-bought sweet soy sauce. If you don’t have sweet soy sauce, you can simply add honey or melt some sugar into regular salty soy sauce. (My mother don’t like fried rice to look brown, so instead she’d simply dash in salt and pepper onto the rice without soy sauce.) If you have some ginger, it’s great to mince a tiny little bit of it and add in at this time.  Keep the medium heat, then once all your sauce and seasoning goes on the rice, quickly stir fry the rice until the sauce is well blended in.  By this time, the rice should gets a little dry again: not as overly sticky and moist as when you first pour the seasoning in. The goal is to have the soy sauce well blended in with the rice evenly, so it’s adding flavor to the rice, not drinking soy sauce.

6. Meat and lettuce goes in.
Put in the cooked meat and lettuce. You can also add in some corns or beans too! Then I’d turn heat up and fry everything together until the lettuce looks cooked, about a minute. It’s great when a little bit of rice gets slightly burned, just slightly.


and it’s Done!

Best served with a cold beer.


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