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Hotels.com… you mada me so angry today.

Posted in Uncategorized by Katharine on October 19, 2011

For every business trip, I’ve always search for rooms from the hotels.com, and booked through them several times. Really liked the special deals they have going on, as i often found better price from them. So for my personal trips coming up this December, of course I searched around on their site and found that I’d like to spend a little more than usual for a 2 night stays in Hotel 27 at Copenhagen.

At hotels.com, they are advertising the room at 117euro per night (with a “save 10%” discount included). Compare to the 133euro at hotel27’s official website, it seems to be a great bargain. Since I trust the website, I went ahead and booked it on hotels.com without double checking the maths…

Right after my, I realized the Tax and FEE is 58 euro! So I quickly went to hotel27.dk and didn’t see them charging any tax……

in short :
Hotels.com charged me 292.5 euro
vs Hotel27.dk would only charge me 265.91 euro

It’s about 30 euro of difference. Why on earth are they charging 58euro for tax and fee when the hotel itself doesn’t even charge a dime?!I know it’s not a huge amount, but enough to make me angry and don’t want to use them again. As the whole experience just makes me feel that hotels.com isn’t being that honest with their customers: while advertising special discounts, they’re totally making it up through their rather expensive “fees”.

Why should anyone use hotels.com when you can simply book right from the hotel? What’s the point of Hotels.com when they are not even trying to save you money?!




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