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Posted in Uncategorized by Katharine on August 25, 2011

I’ve always wanted to go to see Beijing, the capital of China. I mean being a chinese, I really should head up north and see it, right? I’ve never been to anywhere in China further north of Shanghai. Which I have to say was slightly disappointing to my taste. It was a little too commercial, people a little too rude…. anyway. But I’ve heard Beijing has more old historic stuff, and a bit more artsy. I hope it won’t let me down. ok, I know the Peking duck won’t…

So the Style HK @ Beijing exhibition is kind of like trade show i guess. My Mandarin sucks. I hope I can survive thru it. urgh. I hate speaking mandarin. bu hopefully the sale will be well. maybe I can get a bonus after the show haha.

After the show in October, I’ve booked myself a ticket to Europe for December 😀 Can’t wait. and it’ll be my first time flying with Finnair. Went with this airline was because of the promotion. I’ve been hearing lots of great stuff about this airline. I really look forward to get on their plane and see it for myself. Ha, I really hope they would have ipads for passengers by then. hahah

Making a long transfer stop at Helsinki, which should be enough time for me to run into the city, grab some good food, and check out one or two spots to get a feel of this city. It better not to have a snow storm.

Then Finnair will take me to Vienna. Some people told me they don’t really spend much time there. but I really can’t see how can i cut it down below 4 days. There are just way too much museums and palaces I want to see… After days of world class museum at Vienna, I’ll head north to Prague. I think the old town would be very lovely to see, and I got to see that skeleton church nearby.

Then my journey continue to Berlin. A place I’ve been wanting to visit for a while, for the amazing design and art scene. God, I wish Maximilian will be playing in a bar by then. I don’t even care if he’d be just playing in the street. If he’s out playing, I’ll be there.

After the Christmas day, I’ll be at Copenhagen. Damn this city is expensive. So I’ll be staying for 2 nights only before catching my flight home.

So here’s a summery:

Oct 2- Oct 8 : Beijing
Dec 10: Helsinki
Dec 11-14: Vienna
Dec 15-18: Prague
Dec 19-20: Dresden
Dec 21-25: Berlin
Dec 26-28: Copenhagen

Now need to look for hotel,
and bus tickets.



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