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True Blood

Posted in TV + Movie by Katharine on January 23, 2011

Years ago, before I moved out of New York, I remember the whole buzz about vampire just got started. I remember everyone was talking about True Blood. and I was like…. “what’s the big deal about it?” I tried watching an episode or two, but wasn’t too into it. Well…it’s the same old story… Human girl get attracted to an vampire who shows some humanity in him. He risks everything for her blablabla….

So I put it behind my mind for quite awhile, thinking I’d never be interested in this TV series with all actors speaking with the southern accent.

Somehow, I got bored few days ago and started watching it…. I think the pilot really sold it. Cause after watching that episode, I was so addicted…. damn it. The portrayal of Bill Compton is amazing, it is magnetic. I mean I’d die for that “look” from a guy.

It took me 6 days to finish watching all 3 seasons.
It felt sooooooo great. But damn, now I gotta wait till June for the 4th season.

For the record,


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