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Posted in Uncategorized by Katharine on July 5, 2010

There are a few things I will never understand in my life,
and one of them is printers.

I got my printer back after getting it fixed 2 months ago. When I plugged it in again, it wouldn’t print (of course). The problem wasn’t the ink head or anything, it was the connection. The thing was connected to my laptop through wi-fi, but my laptop kept saying it’s offline. For god’s sake, I tried so many times and couldn’t get this damn thing back online. (I was too lazy to call those tech support, didn’t feel like to explain them everything, and i probably wouldn’t understand what they want me to look for… anyway)

Tonight, I put my laptop by the printer, checked all the settings, and even get the laptop connected with it (it retrieved info from the printer with a wi-fi connection). I was like, snap… so the connection was fine.

but apparently, getting a good connection doesn’t mean that i can get it to print… When I was at the point to give it up again, i just tried all those different buttons on the printers again. and tried those wizard thingy…. Even though all of them told me it failed, somehow, magically I can print again………

and somehow, it won’t print last page.


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