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Posted in Food by Katharine on July 2, 2010

Although I never liked candies, I love chocolate. Milk chocolate in particular. I tried to get myself to like chocolate in different flavor. Some of them are good, such as mint and nuts, but never get too crazy about them. It’s nice to have them once in awhile for a little change, but I always go back to plain milk chocolate. Guess I’m just addicted.

When I was living mid-town in NY, I loved to go to this Amish grocery store 5 or 6 blocks down my place. they always import lots of good chocolate. Sometimes after work at Tribeca, I like walking up the Broadway to Dean and Deluca. They got some pretty nice selection over there as well, and it’s a convenient place to grab a gift in a hurry.

I remember there was a time when I was in collage, I got a truck load of Swiss chocolate in my closet (and no, I didn’t eat them after mid-night). I don’t even know how many pounds I put on in total after eating all of them. There was something different about swiss chocolate, great quality with a lower price tag… if you don’t count the plane ticket. Don’t even try to compare them with cheap American chocolate. It made me sick everytime I walked by the Hersey’s store around Time Square.

I like to bring a bar of chocolate to school, crack the bar under the pattern table and ate it when I’m sitting on top of my pattern. The sugar and cocoa just helped to get me through the day, and kept me focus. Not too sure how would I get by the day without them.

But what’s my favorite? It got to be the chocolate spheres wrapped in blue foils from Frey. It’s not those crazy expensive artisan chocolate, but it’s good enough for me and I don’t feel quilty killing half a bag at a time, cause it’s not that expensive. Why don’t they have it in Hong Kong………….. urgh.

The love of my life.


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