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Male birth control pills… bad idea?

Posted in Uncategorized by Katharine on June 29, 2010

I read this news article today about a male birth control pills have been developed by Isareli scientists. It brought up a question in my mind: is it a good news or bad news? I wonder what’s the priority reason for guys to put that condom on. Is the main reason being the guys don’t want to get the girl pregnant? Or do they concern about sexually transmitted disease in the first place?If the main concern is about STD, of course the pill probably won’t change anything. However, if pregnancy is the main reason, then I would think the pill might not be that great of an invention.

Think about it, the first thing we learn about condoms in sex education was to prevent pregnancy. I felt that the society tend to voice about the concern for teenage pregnancy problem more so than STD. I remember we had a whole lecture on how to prevent pregnancy with a condom, but to wear a condom to prevent getting in contact with STD? They sumed it up in just a few sentences, it wasn’t an important part of the sex education.

In my language, a condom is actually known as “pregnancy-prevent-sheath”. When I think of the function of a condom, I think 90% is about birth contral, and 10% about STD. So what would be in the guys’ head, who probably aren’t even using their brains when things got steamy?

With male birth control pills, the game is just going to be a lot easier for the guys. They probably will feel like there are less chances to get a girl pregnant, condom might become an unnecessary idea in their head. Are the guys, teenagers in particular, going to be more casual on sex with the pills in their hands, and higher the risk of spreading STD? This just makes the pills sounded like a bad idea.

Of course I do think that science provid more options to our life, and I know lots of guys are very educated and responsible. However I think they must market it really carefully. It’s a very serious and delicate situation.




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