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visual creatures?

Posted in Uncategorized by Katharine on June 28, 2010

Why are we all such an visual cretures?
What’s wrong with just making friends online and focus on the conversation?

I’d think look doesn’t matter if you’re talking to someone who lives half way across the globe. But there are lots of people who ask for thousands of photos and request a webcam chat. So this is what happened. A British kid was saying, “oh you look pretty on your profile, do you have a boyfriend? let’s chat on cam, I like to meet and see pretty people. It’s like walking on the street.”

I turn it down, as always. Not that I put someone else’s picture on my profile, or I photoshoped it. It’s just I’m always doing a bunch of things at the same time… browsing different sites, checking emails, blogging. I hate to have a webcam on, as I can’t do anything else but to focus on one chat window. I don’t always have an on going chat with my friends, it’s mostly a message here and there while reading something else. So yea, I do not like webcam chat, and none of my real friends do cam chat with me, cause what’s important is the content, not how we look that day.

(but I do cam chat with my 7 years old cousin who barely knows how to type, which is a different story.)

So that British kid said, ” …(webcam chat) is what we all do here. only people who are fat and ugly don’t talk on webcam. you don’t want cam chat, you’re not real. bye.”

I can’t quite believe how shallow some people are. Do fat and unattractive people don’t deserve friends? Are people fake just because they don’t want to pleasure your eyes? Good god, Why do guys feel like girls online has the responsibility to be their eye candies, send out pretty pictures and turn them on? Go pay for a freaking porn site, it’s not even expensive these days.

I also have to say, most people who ask for a cam chat are mostly perverted. It is very disappointing whenever the word “cam?” show up in a conversation. I’m not even going to waste a minute to continue such a conversation. Delete and block is what I do right away, or if someone talks like a perverted creep. Is that too early and too fast? Nope, not after hundreds of times of trying to keep talking to them as a friend, and they showed no interest in you as a person, as they only see you as free porn.


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