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Clothes and Memories

Posted in Uncategorized by Katharine on June 17, 2010

I’m a very organized person…mentally. But when it comes to my room and closet, it’s a hell of a mess. My mom tried over 20 years to get me to keep my closet organized, without any success. Recently my closet was so out of control that I felt a little bit of work has to be done.

2pm I was organizing my closet.

Folding tons wrinkly clothes, I found a lot of old clothes that I haven’t wore for quite a while. However, I can’t get myself to throw them away as they come with some good memory…

A cotton shirt my mom bought me that I actually really loved;
Loose fitting Linen tops that I got it free from my first internship;
Tank top that I got complimented when I walked in a bakery in the Greenwich;
The velvet top that I was wearing when I had my first kiss (which was absolutely amazing btw);
Long skirt I wore while running in the rain at night holding the hand of a guy at South street seaport;
Stripe shirt I wore to the Coney Island for the last time before I moved out of New York;
White linen dress I wore while walking on the beach at Cannes……

All these clothes are so old and I really don’t think I’ll have the chance to wear them anytime soon. But they will always have a place in my closet, as I ain’t going to trash them.


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