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All Glory to the hypnotoad!

Posted in Uncategorized by Katharine on January 1, 2010

I remember one year,
I was watching the hypnotoad doing his hypnotizing thing on tv, when the clock turned 00:00.
It was really funny that my roommates and I really just sat that and watch.
lame, but good memory.

What was I doing last New Year’s Eve?
nothing special at all. I think I popped a Champagne.
I hope that, all these holidays will become something meaningful and special again.

A lot has happened this year,
and I believe I let myself to waste one year of my life.
but honestly, I don’t care, I don’t regret any single decision I made.

life goes on,
and let’s see what’s waiting for us in 2010.

One wish for 2010,
I want to travel… please let me have enough money to go on a trip……


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