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The Taking of Pelham 123

Posted in TV + Movie by Katharine on December 9, 2009

Since I saw the intense trailer of this movie awhile back, I’ve been wanting to see this movie so much. Finally, I got to watch it yesterday. I never knew it was a re-make of a movie from the 70s. So I wasn’t comparing it with anything with I was watching.

At first I thought it might get bored half way through, cause the camera is going to show only the tunnel and the call center anway. However, the dialogue and everything were great that it wasn’t boring at all. I have to say, the idea was nice, hijacking a subway train in the heart of New York City. I kept thinking how could this end? What was their plan to get out of the tunnel without getting caught?

I like that little surprises when the story/background of the characters slowly revealed through conversation. There were also a lot of conversation that makes you think about the way you’re living right now. Great performances by the lead actors.

I think one of the reason I ended up loving this movie is because New York is still my beloved city, once the place I called home. It captured the spirit of the big apple, and the way people live their life over there really well. Every moment of this movie, reminds me the moment I spent on the D train. The blurry window with scratches all over that you barely sees the scenery outside, the yellowy lightings, the ads inside the train, the uncomfortable seats, and the opening and closing of the doors in between the cars. Looking over the water when the train was running over the bridge… Everything that was once so close to me is now a memory so far away.

Of course there were a few things that was a bit off in the movie, such as how the hell can all other trains still be running when the whole city knew about the “terrorist attack”? Also there was a bit too much F words. But afterall, I still love this movie dearly.

“You’re my fucking hero.”


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