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Posted in Uncategorized by Katharine on June 16, 2009

In some cases, I’m so sick of people using the word “handmade”. On a TV show today, they were talking about this high end jeans wear. A pair of jean that can cost you a few thousand dollars. Beside the custom fit and details (crystal buttons that kinda flashy things), they also said those jeans are “handmade” as one reason why they’re so expensive. Then the next shot, they showed someone stitching the fabric together buy a sewing machine!

Are there anyone on earth who think there are computers in the factory laser cut out the denim and a robot stitch up your jeans (so it’s not handmade)?

I don’t understand how it’s “handmade” , when a human is operating the sewing machine. The machine stitched up the jean. In my opinion, a “handmade” garment would be something got stitched up by hand and hand sewing needles one by one without a sewing machine.

(and no, they didn’t hand weave the denim, so i guess they weren’t referring to the material)

This remind me another time when I had a factory to do an edge finish on chiffon for me. The price they quoted was kind of expensive, and they said “yea, it’s hand done, we have to cut the threads by hand one by one.” I don’t exactly know the process, but, i’m sure the machine do the most part, and they cut the threads by hand…. hence, hand made.


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  1. Ian Choo said, on February 1, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    Hi Katharine!

    Chanced upon your blog online and like what I’m reading! You share your thoughts freely and they seem to coincide with ours. Great stuff! Btw, we have a project doing some real hand-made hats. Haha…see http://www.thelittlechristmashat.com. We are currently looking for partners who will front a casual production setup in Hong Kong for this social-for-profit project, employing and teaching the underprivileged ladies in Hong Kong for some employment income. If this is a project that interest you, please drop me a note at ian.choo@alfestco.com. Thanks!

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