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Pattern paper

Posted in Fashion by Katharine on April 23, 2009

have a project planned in my head, so I have to gather all the equipment I need. Most of the stuff are so much cheaper to buy in Hong Kong, and very often I can find a cheaper/lower quality version of the same thing. I think things are like 1/5 of the price… anyway, what do you expect in Hong Kong.

Out of expectation, one thing really upset me is the pattern paper. When I was studying or working in the United States, we use the type of pattern paper with numbers and dots printed on. A very nice way to make sure the grain line is straight, the bias is a bias.

I never gave any thought about the dotted pattern paper, I thought it was a standard in the world. But I was wrong. I could not find any of those dotted pattern paper anywhere in Hong Kong. I was very surprised. I asked the store about pattern paper, and they said they wanted to import it before, but they were too expensive to order. It’s a “high class tool”, that’s what the sales told me……

I’m glad that I learned to make pattern with the dotted paper, it did give me a better understanding of how the grain line affect the way the fabric fall, from looking at the pattern.

Oh gosh, I miss dotted pattern paper…… I never knew I was spoiled until now.


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