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Andy Warhol

Posted in TV + Movie by Katharine on April 15, 2009

Andy Warhol,
the high priest of pop.

I remember when I walked by Bergdorf and Goodman’s few years ago, I saw this celebrated name inside the display window. Didn’t know much about him, but all those fashion illustration were so interesting. I was amazed by the creativity, a lot of beautiful idea. I remember I wrote down the name so that I could do some research on him later on. Then I realized he’s also the painted of the Campbell’s soup, the Marilyn Monroe, the Elvis Presley…

I never really read about the idea behind all those artwork, but it still caught my attention and made me feel something very special. To me this is what makes it so special about his work.

Recently a documentary about his life was on TV. Four and a half hours separated into two parts. His life was very fascinating and dramatic. The documentary did a great job in letting you know what happened in his childhood could became the influenced to his artwork later on in his life. Then the way he looked at the world. His personality changed to very emotionless in front of the public…… The way that people around him loved and hated him. People were inspired by him, and got to be around him. Then things turned bad. People doing drugs, dreams were gone, people died, and he did nothing to try to help those people.

He’s just a very unique person, did good and bad things. One thing he said was very interesting though. He said he thought death was the most embarrassing thing. “You lived your entire life making money to support yourself, but when you died you left everything to someone else to take care of you. Arrange your funeral, take care of your body, pick the clothes for you, do the make up on you. You wished you could be there to help, but you’re dead!”


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