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Movies and shows on Hong Kong’s TV

Posted in TV + Movie by Katharine on March 27, 2009

I really just don’t understand those who’re in charge on what movie and when to play on the TV channel in Hong Kong. There are so many things I dislike:

1. Most of the movie selection is not that recent… not to mention they aren’t that great.

2. They keep replaying some really old movies, over and over again. They are playing Mission Impossible (the first one) this Saturday night at the prime time… come on, are we still in the 90s? By the way a few weeks ago, they played Jumanji again… on the a weekend evening…I wouldn’t be surprise if they play Home Alone next week.

3. yea… why on earth you put a movie you already replayed so many times on that schedule? I believe there are much more new and interesting movies that deserves the slot.

4. Stupid “Dirty Sexy Money” is on Thursday night at 10:30pm, a decent good schedule. While the award winning show “Heroes” is at midnight. Does this make any sense?

5. Since I came back to Hong Kong, not yet 6 months. they have been replaying Hayao Miyazaki’s old animation. It’s great and respectful to the master. But playing some of them twice already? You’ve got to be kidding me…

6. There is this new Japanese dance movie coming out, called “Dance, Subaru”. At first, I’m just not too interested in this movie, as it reads to me as another “Save the last dance”, or “step up”, but less interesting. I mean the plot looks very plain and overdone…. Anyway, but then they keep playing the commercial for it so many times in a day. I get to so annoyed by this movie. It’s like a long boring trailer on TV twice in every commercial break… well, their marketing team definitely did a good job in turning me off.

7. ok. there aren’t many good quality shows on TV here… and they just canceled the the shows “60 minutes” and “david letterman”…

Anyway, if someone is getting paid to decide what to play and when to play, please do you job. Make a beter selection, do a better scheduling job.


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