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Posted in Uncategorized by Katharine on March 24, 2009

Most of the time, life sucks. You wish that you have some sort of super power to turn the situation around and make things better, magically. At school, I hoped that I don’t have to study and I’d know all the answers. At home, I hoped that I don’t have to lift a finger and my room would tidy up itself, everything in place. At the ATM, I wished that the machine would pull out cash, mistakenly, from other people’s account.

Yes I wish a lot of things, but there is no magic or special power in this world. The only power is to work hard for what you want, or maybe with a little bit of luck. Living your life normally like what everyone else is going.

But I still have a secret wish, I wish to have Clair Bennet’s regeneration ability, so that whenever there is a pimple on my face, I can pop it or do whatever I like. When I’m done with it, just cut that area off and let the new skin grow out in a sec. After that, no acne scar at all. I wish….

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  1. materix01 said, on March 24, 2009 at 6:09 pm

    She feels pain though doesn’t she? So it would hurt alot…
    Although i guess it’s not all that different to the pain I see woman go through in the name of fashion. Scary sharp pointy prods things that are made to physically remove zits and blackheads although I rather use a scalpel than any of the instruments in my sister’s arsenal of beauty products, high heel shoes that bring hell to your poor soles and worst of all, starving to fit into the next size down…
    Although my sister has never needed to starve because she’s got naturally freaky metabolism. She eats more than me and she is underweight for her height…

  2. Katharine said, on March 25, 2009 at 2:33 am

    it is sad to see what women would do in order to look good, and ultimate it’s about looking at their best for men……

  3. materix01 said, on March 25, 2009 at 3:10 am

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with trying to be beautiful. I just think many women take it too far. I don’t even think it’s the men who are the ones that force this upon them but more women themselves. The bring about this culture through the fashion magazines, through the lower dresses available and ultimately, I think women do what they do by themselves.

    There is a big difference with trying to look pretty and taking it to extremes. Guys dress up trying to look their best to impress the people around him and whilst most women dress up even more than guys, they do the same thing. However I don’t think we are improving. In fact we have become worst. Plastic surgery was non existent until WWI and WWII where it was developed to actually help shrapnel victims or victims of aviation fuel burning. However now instead of a corset which is deforming your body, we have just replaced our method by starving ourselves, cutting open our faces or injecting chemicals into our bodies… Botox is used not only for your face these days but even in your heels as it reduces the pain from stilettos (which I have to admit personally, I love my sister wearing stilettos because they are hot).

    Still even I know when things are being taken too far. Like when your sister is chasing you around with what looks like a mini cattle prod and mum is getting her beauty therapist to call you to explain why facials aren’t just for girls. No, I will not take my sister up on the offer to “beautify me”. Her equipment looks like a stainless steel set of torture materials… Nor did I take mum on her offer… Even though her therapist explained how many clientele of my age she gets and how they are not “girly men”. She should realise talking to me facials is utterly useless. I am a person who refuses to even use gel on my hair… I wonder how she will ever convince me to do whatever she does at the beauty clinic. Sure I have a wardrobe that almost rivals my sisters(yes I do love clothes), but I don’t consider clothes taking it too far because I don’t to change myself physically.

    Which begs the question. Are we really improving or is it getting worse?

  4. Katharine said, on March 25, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    Right, men are not the one who forces those idea of beauty on women, but the society does. Flipping through magazines and watching those celebrities, they (the media culture) set the standard of beauty, and women believe that they should follow it in order to look the best they can, to impress the others (mostly for the opposite sex, in my opinion). The culture and the society seems telling them that if they don’t fit in the media’s idea of beauty, they are “out”.

    It is interesting to see that guys are not spending as much money as women on their appearances. For some reason, to look masculine means to dress with less frills, to dress natural. But for girls, to look feminine means to dress in those pretty dresses that makes them look skinny tiny and of course those heels.

    But I do believe we are (or we will) improve.Now we got rid of the corset, and of course there came the new way to “look pretty”. Yes, there are more and more plastic surgery. But also more and more voices opposing the plastic surgery, to look natural and be confident with yourself. Things always goes in a circle, after we have produces all those things to pollute the world, we’re talking about eco-friendly. same with fashion, after those big shoulder pads in the 80s, we have Calvin Klen’s casual jeans and white t-shirt style. We have Gweneth Paltrow ridiculous high heels, but we also have tons of girls wearing cutie ballerina flats on daily basis. After all, how many 6 inches do you see in a day?

    So I mean, we will never get rid of plastic surgery completely, There will always be people who pushes too far in the name of beauty. But on the other hand, there are voices coming out to promote something different, there are always going to have people who believe in natural beauty, and be comfortable with what you’ve got.

    If I ever going to have a fashion show, I definitely will not send those size 0 girls down my runway.

  5. materix01 said, on March 25, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    Yeah, people are always flipping through magazines going how pretty everyone looks. You know how much air brushing gets done to those pictures? I guess the media is slightly improving. The media has brought to attention anorexic models on the catwalks of Paris and also recently on Sydney’s local news, the exploitation of models as young as 14 who are made to look as old as adults.

    I guess guys just don’t care as much about appearances as girls and it’s just the culture. It doesn’t matter if guys are messy and we don’t seem to feel any sense of envy seeing celebs or models. With girls, it’s something I will probably never understand. I have no idea what drives my friends to wear really short shorts and skimpy outfits in the middle of winter to school? What posses certain friends to wear flats on a rainy day when we have an excursion to a farm? Sometimes I feel like asking them why but I keep my mouth shut because they are probably going to death glare me… My mum use to point out my ex gf always wore makeup whenever they saw her.
    Yes, I think alot of the time, it probably is to impress the opposite sex. Although I’m abit different usually. I usually feel a greater need to impress myself. Whilst I would never publicly admit this in front of friends, often I will make sure what I’m wearing matches well in front of the mirror,especially if it’s something I’ve never tried before. Or sometimes after I finish working out and about to change to go shower, I see myself in the bathroom mirror and just be pleased at the hard work thats paid off. Most people I know do things quite differently to me. I know my sister usually spends ages in the bathroom not only to impress the opposite sex but I know she feels very good when her friends say she’s looking hot today. Heck, the other day, some guy I’ve never talked to said nice jacket to me and proceeded to ask where I got it. It was a good feeling. But I know I would never go for plastic surgery. I can’t even stand facials nor even hair gel…

    Speaking of big shoulder pads, my mum has a few of those clothes from the past in her wardrobe. I remember my intense curiosity of them when I was little. Very amusing thinking about them now. I use to set up my secret hiding place in my mum’s wardrobe amongst her clothes.

    I am abit horrified at the idea of plastic surgery. I just don’t like the way you are distorting the unique inheritance from your parents. It’s what makes you, well you…

    • Katharine said, on March 25, 2009 at 6:21 pm

      I think we are aware of the magical air brush, and we know what photoshop can do. But I guess lots of people kinda ignore those facts and man, those photo retoucher does get paid a lot… I loved the way that they started to ban models who are underweight on the runway. Madrid set out a great examples.

      Age 14… It’s sad that they go into this distorted industry that young, when they probably don’t even know what they have gotten themselves into… I miss the old days of Christian Dior in the 50s, when his models are elegant women, instead of “teenage girls”. Yea, since when we started to use underage girls to sell clothes on the runway? A lot of times I don’t get the idea why Chanel are selling clothes to mature women with teenage girls parading in their fashion show. Shouldn’t you use a model who the client can relate to, a bit better?

      In my school, those who dressed the best/most fashionable, were usually those who sucked in their work (in most cases). They tend to spend too much time on how their look instead of doing their work. well, if it’s not about impressing the opposite sex, it’s about self esteem. There weren’t much guys in my school besides the gays. I guess sometimes, girls just love the attention, or make the other girls jealous… and yea, of course, everyone feels good hearing compliments, but it also give you the sense that you’re better than the others.

      I wouldn’t go for any plastic surgery as well. I’m not pretty in my society’s standard, but I’m comfortable with what I was given by my parents. It reminds me of who I am. Also I don’t believe in changing myself to fit in what the others think about being pretty.Something kind of interesting is that, some people might not be considered pretty, but after they because successful. the suddently became “pretty”. Thank about this, Kate Moss. There are people I know who honestly don’t find her attractive. She then became the fashion icon, and now people are going ater her style. Angelina Jolie, before she came on the scene, who would thought that big lips means sexy? Lots of black girls always have big full lips. And now people getting botox in their lips…

      and I hid in my mom’s closet too.

  6. materix01 said, on March 25, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    I love playing around with photoshop.
    I can immerse myself within the domain of this realm for hours on end.
    I really liked the Australian Dove ads because they get healthy everyday women you see out on the streets in their ads. They look fantastically happy.

    I just don’t get the fashion industry at all…
    Half the things I see on the runway, you mentally point out that NO ONE in their right mind would wear that out in public. Which begs the question why they bother designing and showcasing these “weird clothes” anyway…

    Botox in lips…
    I like Angelina Jolie as an actress but I’ve always been crept out by the blood necklace thing. But she says she would rather have the blood of a loved one handing off her neck than some diamond.

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