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Loving Katee Shean -SYTYCD Season 4

Posted in TV + Movie by Katharine on March 22, 2009

Never thought that I’d love the TV show “SO you think you can dance.” Season 3 is on air these days on Saturdays nights in Hong Kong. At first I was just kind of curious what it’s all about, and eventually I get to really like this show.

You really can see people putting lots of effort and hard work, to show all those beautiful movement and sometimes with a nice story behind.

So I started to youtube some of the season 4, and found this routine by Katee and Joshua to the music “No Air”. It was so beautiful and I kept watching over and over, and I almost cry for it. There was something magical there and I started searching for other pieces they did together. Watching them dancing to Celine Dion’s “All by myself” and John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing in Burning Room.”, it was just breath taking seeing them dancing together and the story unfold. Their movement was just so powerful and passionate. It’s so real as if they strip down everything and just show you their real and raw emotion. It is totally unforgettable.

The most amazing thing is that it moved people like me who knows nothing about dancing and choreography. I have to admit, there is really a universal language in there. I wish to see more great work coming from Katee.


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