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The cheap word: Cheap

Posted in Language by Katharine on March 21, 2009

We all know how powerful words can be. We fell for that intricate and genius use of words in poetry or that soulful lyrics you just heard over the radio. It can makes you feel in love, it can hurt you or haunts you in your darkest nightmare.

Describing the same thing in different words can have a very different effect, and I think that’s why all the newspaper seems to be more difficult to understand than let’s say… my best friend’s blog. I guess journalist are required to phrase things and use words more “professionally”.

During a discussion in my fashion studies class years ago, a girl reported that her collection targeted at using very cheap (in price) fabric to produce clothes that can be sold “very cheap”, but good quality. After her presentation, the professor said, “you don’t use the word ‘cheap’, you can either use ‘inexpensive’, ‘moderate’ or ‘ affordable’……”

In my head, I thought, “wow, it does makes a different.” especially when we’re talking in the world of fashion, where everyone wants to present themselves “nicely” even if they’re “very affordable” in reality. Since that day, I became a bit allergic when using the word “cheap”. I really hope that the travel program on TV yesterday, didn’t just say “you can buy very cheap souvenir here (in china)!”

p.s. I still shop at H&M

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