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Please, wear something that fits you!

Posted in Fashion by Katharine on March 20, 2009

For God’s sake, gentlemen, is it really that hard to keep your pants on?

Just kidding, but take a look at this news article from Reuters about a guy who was wearing a pair of baggy pants with no underwear, and his pants fell down accidentally and get fined:

I never understand the baggy pants culture. I agree that everyone have their rights to wear whatever they want, but in my opinion, baggy pant is the ugliest garment item ever created, or the ugliest way to wear a garment item. Proportionally non-attractive. Why on ear guys wants to look like an idiot whose pants are falling off? Is that really “cool” and “out of the box”?

Maybe, but at least most of the girls I know do not like that proportion. So maybe wearing baggy pants can attract more male to be your friends, who think that your style “cool”. But I don’t think it’ll help you to attract female attention… Honestly, a pair of normal jeans that fit you well is 10 times sexier.

I really hope that, one day, everyone would wear something that fit them right. No more baggy pants that’s exposing 50% of your butt cheek, no more 6 inches platform (with too long pants trying to hide the platform heels) and no more rented wedding dresses which is obviously too big for your boobs to fill in. Just understand your body, wear something that fit you well and proportionally, will make you look so much better than all those unnecessary and ugly … thing.

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  1. somethingboutrenes said, on March 20, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    OMG. I can’t agree more. Some people are just prone to be a fashion disaster.

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